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Who We Are?

Some Things You Should Know About Us

A Little About Our Values

We are online shoppers and fed up customers. We shop online, get a rough date of arrival given to us and come home to find missed delivery notes from the delivery companies. We then spend countless number of hours waiting on hold on the phone, waiting in lines at the post office on a Saturday and wasting time in traffic to drive to the depot to pick up our items.

To not miss a delivery, we organize to work from home on the estimated date of arrival, get our goods delivered to our office and go to work late or come home early to not miss that much awaited delivery. Alternatively, we request the delivery company to leave the goods at the door which offers no protection or security for your goods from being stolen or damaged by weather conditions.

Delivery After Hours provides the courier companies the benefit of not having to attempt multiple deliveries to the same address and also provides you the convenience of getting your goods delivered to a secure warehouse, get notified of the delivery when it arrives at our warehouse and getting your goods delivered to you in the evenings between 6pm – midnight 7 nights a week. Get your goods when you are home and stop missing the deliveries.

All you need to do is register on the website and get provided a unique delivery address and upon notification from us, login into your account and schedule your delivery. It’s just that easy.

Why Choose Us?


Organise your delivery by 3pm for same day delivery


We will ensure that we deliver your package in the timeslot selected. If by any chance we are unable to then your next delivery is on us.


Our price is very basic compared to what the large courier services charge for after hours delivery.


Shop online and ship your packages to Delivery After Hours using your unique delivery address. Stop giving away your home address to strangers worldwide.


You control when the deliveries arrive. We deliver from 6pm – midnight, 7 days a week.


No more missed delivery notices, no more damaged or stolen packages.

Our Services

Delivery when you want it!

No more Missed Delivery notices

Delivery After Hours delivers your packages when you want them.

No more stolen packages

Our secure depot keeps your packages safe.

Something popped up

You can reschedule your delivery free of charge by 3pm on the day of delivery. We deliver 6pm – midnight 7 days per week.

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Our Pricing

What We Can Offer For Our Customers


$9.99 / Package
  • 2 hours delivery window


$79.99 / Pack 10
  • 2 hours delivery window
  • Pre paid delivery of 10 packages
  • 12 months validity
We proudly accept shipments from all carriers including:

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